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K & F Electronics


Earl Kincaid founded K & F Electronics in 1972. Earl opened his shop in Fraser Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. What began as a tiny two-man shop has expanded into a 30,000 sq foot facility employing over 30 people.

Through old-fashioned hard work, Earl and son Rick grew K & F Electronics into being an industry leader in printed circuit board manufacturing. As technology became more sophisticated so did the equipment and processes became automated. K & F Electronics is capable of running 1 board or tens of thousands, a simple single sided board or an intricate 24-layer board. We manufacture boards using high temperature and special application materials. Our engineering staff is always available to help with all your questions.

The following capabilties are representative of K & F Electronics, Inc.'s overall manufacturing abilities and design rule guidelines.

Though technology has changed, the values of this family owned business have not. Customer satisfaction remains our top priority. We promise you a high quality product with on time delivery. We are dedicated to our customers and will support you with our experienced sales, customer service and engineering staff.

For over 40 years, K & F has remained a reliable source for quality printed circuit boards, and we look forward to working with you.

Payment Methods

To begin work on your order immediately, we prefer your VISA or Master Card number with an expiration date and the name of the card holder.

We also offer Direct Deposit if the data is supplied to us.

Net 30 accounts are available to qualifying companies after acceptance of application. To apply for a Net 30 account your banking information, fill out the New Account Form on the Web Site and three (3) trade references with valid FAX numbers so it can be submitted to our Accounting Department via email kvanderhoff@circuitboards.com or FAX at (586) 294-5999.

Discover cards are not accepted.


GM 057698789

Chrysler 61143

Visteon BWNZA

Cisco 54608


Valeo 561164


Call Toll Free: 888-722-5310

Proto Panel Deal

Included in Price:
2-Solder Mask
Electrically Tested
Scored or Routed
Arrayed Panels or Individual Boards

Single Sided Boards:

24 hr = $350.00

48 hr = $325.00

3 Day = $290.00

1 Week = $250.00

2 Week = $225.00

Two Sided Boards:

24 hr Call 888-722-5310

48 hr = $375.00

3 Day = $350.00

1 Week = $325.00

2 Week = $300.00

11.000" x 11.000"

Extra panel = $75.00 each.
Limit two extras.


Scanning Service Available

Reverse Engineering Capabilities

Production Deal

FREE Stocking.

FREE Tooling on 1 and 2 sided jobs over $1500.00

Free Tooling on Multilayer's if you order $3,500.00

Same part number ordered 3rd time it will drop by 2.5% in price.

Why not send a job to quote and save.

Materials Available:

ARLON, FR-4, FR-4 High Temp., Polyimide, Teflon and Rogers, Aluminum, Flex, CEM-1 available.



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