Single Sided Circuit Boards, Double Sided Circuit Boards, Multi-Layer Circuit Boards, Teflon, Polyimide, Rogers Materials, Aluminum, Flex Circuit Boards, Blind And Buried Via’s In Many Sizes, Layers & Solder Mask Colors.

ARLON, FR-4, FR-4 High Temperature, Polyimide, Teflon & Rogers, Aluminum, Flex, CEM-1

A Portfolio of Capabilities

Though technology has changed, the values of this family owned business have not. Customer satisfaction remains our top priority. We promise you a high quality product with on time delivery. We are dedicated to our customers and will support you with our experienced sales, customer service and engineering staff.

Since 1972, K & F has remained a reliable source for quality printed circuit boards, and we look forward to working with you.

Recent News


K & F Electronics has passed our yearly ISO 9001:2015 re-certification test.  Click the image link below to download this years new cert or click here for PDF form. If ...


K & F Electronics is proud to announce our new ISO 9001:2015 certification.  There are a few changes from 9001:2008 but all are for the positive.  Our quality standards have ...